Derek Arnold

Hello! I'm a web developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As of October 2015, I'm working at JAMF Software in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Front-End Web Developer. We're building some stuff using AngularJS and Typescript.
From June 2012 to July 2015 I worked at The Integer Group, a retail-focused ad agency in Des Moines, Iowa. Our projects ranged in size from small, single page sweepstakes PHP sites to a custom-built sales training site for Michelin with gamification features.
During a short stint between October 2011 and June 2012, I slung PHP, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, and Javascript in the way of custom development and Wordpress sites for WebSpec Design in Urbandale, Iowa.
Between August 2006 and September 2011, I worked at Dealerbuilt, working on everything ranging from technical support, infrastructure, custom scripting, web interfaces, and pretty much anywhere else I could help out.
I'm a disciplined developer that loves diverse teams and other passionate coworkers, developers or not. Beyond that, I'm absurdly passionate about the weird places where art and technology intersect, and always seek to inject a little bit of that into my work.
On Twitter, I'm @derekarnold. On Github I've uploaded a lot of unfinished projects, and maintain a few libraries that have seen a little use. I make noises with a computer and sometimes upload them to soundcloud. I still use email. This is my full resume. Ugh, LinkedIn.