Cahxiese Avenue Press

Today marks the fourth day since my leg surgery. For the past year or so I've been dealing with an entrapment of a nerve in my »

Four-Color Dreamcoat

Cyan, Magenta, Black, White: This is what a computer looked like to me in the early 90s: Sixty-four thousand bright dots on the screen, shining from »


╳╃╊ »


Hello!: Citizens of the HellWeb. Big Newstime cares about bots now, so I'm joining the club again, since we all decided they count as art. So »

On Noise

Weird music! I like weird things, some of it tries too hard, some of it feels magical, some of it is so weird it just feels »

In Memoriam

Here's Zine #2, which is also full of random shit. There's less written here, a little more appropriated. There's a damn lot of fine old public »